Diary of Captain Ahab, the blockchain trader of the seas

Navigation year 2021. Port of the Wolf of Tuscany.

Let me introduce myself, I am Captain Ahab. He who will take you on Moby Dick’s voyages across the oceans aboard Pequod. A proud ship, an online trading software that I have personally built, foreseeing every need that only a good veteran trader could want on his vessel.

The wallet is well stocked, and we are ready to set sail. But first, let’s take a step back.

Surely you would like to know my history in the world of DeFi.

Well, I’ll give it to you. But after that, get ready for a long journey, the sea awaits.

Ahab, the modern investor turned whale

In the taverns of the small port towns of the web, maps promising great treasure and easy money were often circulating. It was the year 2017 in Italy.

Investors and sailors, those who had amassed small amounts of capital or were desperate for easy money, had spread news from the New World about cryptocurrencies hidden in the digital seas.

It was discussed over glasses of rum and star charts, swirling those strange coins around like gold doubloons.

It was there that my interest found satisfaction.

I felt the thrill of risk, due to the many misleading stories in the local media, which portrayed the search for these treasures as dangerous and unreliable. Well, your captain certainly wasn’t frightened by tales of ghosts and shitcoin thieves.

So, I began to study those maps, charts and project trends. The compass always positioned in the direction of the sea, ready to set sail.

Online trading and Ahab, risk or safe solutions?

You are still here, reading my words. It can only do you good. As your captain, I started out in exactly the same way as a young deckhand prepares to climb onto the first timber. I tested and studied during summer nights under the stars of the Mediterranean seas.

I’ve understood when it’s important to choose a few FTs and when, instead, to drop the anchors and get rid of the ballast of worthless cryptos as soon as possible. When to devote oneself to “safe” tokens or to find new more tortuous routes.

Year after year, chart after chart, I have come to steer the helm of my ship, the Pequod.

I could talk about how to follow projects in their entirety, exploiting their strengths to harpoon the target. Or, in other cases, how to concentrate on the technical details, which would make even the most experienced freebooters lose sleep.

But what I recommend, as a captain and guide in this world, is to take advantage of the community that is an integral part of every trip. Throw the network of useful contacts into the sea and you will reap the desired results in your wallet.

No more talking now. It’s time to set off.

The wind is sailing and Mody Dick is puffing at the horizon.

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