Captain Achab’s logbook: Treasure Island NFT

Navigation year 2022. Distance from the coast of the port of the Wolf of Tuscany estimated at about 180 km.

It is Captain Achab in the ink.

The wind is blowing at a speed of 20 knots, inflating the sails just enough to be able to proceed on our course.

During the day I have to make an important announcement to my crew. From the first day of sailing, I promised them that we would find a priceless treasure.

A treasure that would put to shame all the seven seas of blockchain, where every day we test our technical skills and good fortune.

Well, it all started before we set off on this long voyage. On the shores of my beloved land, Tuscany, I found a glass bottle. It too had sailed the same seas that my eyes had come to love and know so well over the years.

Inside this bottle was a rolled-up sheet of paper, a smart contract towards a route that, to be honest, we are still charting, row after row.

I can already imagine the faces of my crew: we have the bottle with the map, the Pequod under our feet and a sea to conquer.

Smart Contract, Moby Dick’s prophecy

In the past, anyone who saw me holding this harpoon, which is now my most trusted companion, would call me a fool. A dreamer who would not lower his head even under the ferocity of the most majestic whale.

Today, that dream flashes before my eyes every time I watch someone climb aboard Pequod and toast with the other sailors, raising their goblets of rum to the sky.

This map, however, hides a prophecy: the key to finding the treasure.

“What you seek lies where the winds blow at 30 knots and mermaids charm the bravest sea wolves. There, Moby Dick ripples the waters, defying the whalers and snorting his presence. The whale’s tail is the seal that leads the brave sailor to his treasure.”

Moby Dick’s Treasure Island NFT

An important voyage, a route I wouldn’t give up even for all the cryptocurrencies in the world.
The adventures of the digital seas have in them the adrenaline that keeps this old Captain Achab alive.

Treasure Island, which holds the mysterious NFT described in the prophecy, is not far away. In this, fortune is, once again, on the side of those who have boarded my Pequod.

Who, of the crew, will be the first to unearth the NFT guarded by Moby Dick?

My harpoon and the wood that defies storms will know. Now it’s up to the blockchain sailors to roll up their sleeves and get ready to conquer Treasure Island.

Discover the Moby Dick project and the Pequod online trading software.

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