Moby Dick, ready to set out on pequod?

The World of blockchain and DeFi is complex and, sometimes, risky. Only an in-depth study makes us able to understand future predictions and catch a glimpse of our goals.

A digital sea, moving in decentralized blocks. Currencies made up of ever-changing codes and patterns.

Human beings have always been attracted to what can push them to the limit. Searching for a treasure at the end of a strategy. The hunt for the most promising currency, which can be profitable in a long or short period.

Facing this digital ocean, human beings observe their whaling ship from the shore. And, as well as Captain Achab in Melville’s masterpiece, the time has come to set sail aboard the Pequod and leave looking for Moby Dick.

Pequod, the Blockchain whaler

As a child playing on the shore with pebbles bouncing off the water, an immature trader tries to hit the foam with small movements, to probe where the flattest stone would lead the gaze farthest from the hand that threw it.

With its unpredictable change, That very same foam taught how much a wallet must be safeguarded, without however slowing the path in directing one’s strategy.

And this is how you choose, as an immature trader, to travel that sea that challenges and trembles under the blows of the whales’ tail. Pequod is waiting and Achab is already at the helm waiting for his crew to take up positions.

In contrast to what the story tells about the obsession of a man with a wooden leg for a monster that defies imagination, the Wolf of Tuscany’s ship is solid beyond the confines of the storm.

The mad pursuit, which marks a tragic but inevitable fate due to the madness that drives it, finds a new meaning in the sea of the blockchain.

WOT, the oxygen of the Moby Dick project

The wood consumed by traveling but the sails are hoisted high and firm. They follow the wind that leads them along the route marked by the compass. The hands of the captain, who invests with his wallet, are safe.

Pequod has all the necessary tools to avoid getting lost in a Ponzi scheme or in a bad drawn “cup and handles” on the charts.

From the depths of the ocean, Moby Dick oxygen bubbles emerge. He breathes, with his gleaming white hump and fins darting fast in the digital waves. That oxygen, the currency that Pequod accepts, is the MOBY. It is the life force of a project that doesn’t stop even in front of a storm with winds blowing at 30 knots in the opposite direction.

Even if it is well known as the representation of an unwitting evil for the protagonist of the same named book, inside the Wolf of Tuscany Moby Dick will be that kind of guide who knows the seas
and will support Pequod to set sail safely.

Among doubts and intuition, the wise trader knows his way.

Will you be onboard ready to set sail?

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