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Pequod and the advantages for the online trading

The Decentralized Finance is an ever-increasing sector. In order to interact you must be confident with many platforms. Also, you are supposed to have an in-depth understanding of the DeFi and be well informed about the blockchain system.

In order to make this field easier to access, Moby Dick created Pequod, a centralizer of services for those who trade online.

Whether beginners or experts, Pequod is a guiding line for traders operating on the blockchain.

What benefits is Pequod introducing to the advantage of the traders of the DeFi? Let’s find out in this article dedicated to the world of Moby Dick.

Pequod supporting the online trading

Currently, to be part of the Decentralized Finance and trade on token you have to be able to use many features called DApp (Decentralized App). They are of different kind and usually not so easy to use and understand.

Inexperienced traders could find hard to face all of that and this awareness made Wolf of Tuscany s.r.l. intervened with the Moby Dick project. Pequod is the result: a platform that simplifies and allows the access to the best registers and tokens of the DeFi.

Its features make Pequod different from the other platforms since it is:

  • Complete
  •  Fast
  • Intuitive
  • Safe
  • Innovative

Pequod, to make the DeFi experience easier

Minute by minute, second by second the DeFi market gives new inputs to work on with several operations. Thanks to Pequod, the users will not be alone anymore in searching for the best opportunity to catch: they only have to log in to the platform and differenciate their wallets according to the integrations offered by Pequod itself.

Pequod’s main goal is to gather all the DeFi registers in a single place and to conform to them starting from linking the users’ wallet on
the platform to the BSC.

This is going to reduce the margin of error on the operations, saving time and energies.

The official launch of Pequod is on February 28 2022. We are waiting for you on board!

Discover the Moby Dick project and Pequod online trading software.

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