Discover pequod

Discover Pequod


What is Pequod

Pequod is the first project of a trading software by Moby Dick.

This innovative platform gathers all the needs of traders who invest in the DeFi World.

Some of the available features:

  • Take Profit & Stop Loss
  • Staking on Crypto NST
  • Stable Coin Staking
  • Staking & Farm on MOBY Token
  • AI “Achab” to simplify transactions

With Pequod you will have full control of all your operations.

The platform will support the use of cross-chain functions, i.e. the exchange and use of other cryptocurrencies.

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The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is booming.

However, the services which allow you to monitor your trading are very complicated and with a very high learning curve.

Our goal is to simplify this complexity by giving people a single place to make use of all the common trading services with a single token: MOBY.

The advantage? Highly competitive fees.

Pequod will centralize in a single platform the most profitable opportunities in the industry, such
as the best APY staking and the safest tradable cryptocurrencies.

How about the trading?

Pequod will give you the possibility to set the stop loss and take profit orders, offering the users the best deal on all blockchain networks.

The Moby Dick project with all its related services are managed by the company “Wolf Of Tuscany Srl”.