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SafeBuy: the partnership to safely navigate Blockchains seas

Wolf of Tuscany, for its Blockchain project, is forging partnerships with companies in the sector, aimed at guaranteeing security and benefits for users.

In this new interview, we introduce SafeBuy: a reality born in order to counter the SCAMs, which damage the seas of the BlockChain.

Let’s find out the pros of this new partnership and the security for users against scams.

How was the SafeBuy project born?

Safebuy’s idea was born with the aim of helping to actively and effectively prevent possible scams on the BSC. After years spent on other Blockchains, the team found themselves snooping on BSC, noting how scams proliferate there in a simple and undisturbed way.

Hence the idea to partially prevent this scam system.

We contacted the KK team, asking them for a strong help to create our DApp, equipped with a swap capable of returning information on the token during the purchase phase and, above all, of integrating a checker capable of automatically detecting honeypot problems on the contract.

What does SafeBuy need to find solutions?

The needs identified by SafeBuy are, therefore, of a security nature of the actions on the blockchain.

The solutions we offer are the following:

  • Safe Swap: a swap system with a built-in checker that offers security and information during the swap.
  • Private node: a particular node to perform quick swaps, which can prove to be an excellent tool to try to enter as soon as possible during token launch.

What parameters are necessary to detect scam-projects on the Blockchain?

In addition to the checker that analyzes the contract and provides information, we also manage Audit, KYC and safe project certificates, which are released only after a careful analysis of the project and the team.

How does the SafeBuy software work and what advantages does it guarantee to the user?

Instead of “software” I would call it by a more accurate name: a checker able to analyze the information of the chosen token in a few thousandths of a second and provide the data to the user.

What are the benefits for those approaching the world of DeFi and Cryptocurrencies for the first time?

Novice users on blockchain will certainly be able to find in Safebuy everything they need to guarantee them security during the swap phase. Staking also comes with an additional implementation of NFT, which gives them rewards. In addition to this, in the future there will be the safe alert section, where you will be able to find only Safebuy branded safe alerts and launchpad alerts in case of incorrect evaluation of the project by our team.

What are the guarantees for SafeBuy partners? Both for the user who chooses the tokens suggested by the project and for companies in partnership?

The user can have a complete picture of a token and its project without having to study the various dynamics, some of them are very complex. And also with the launchpad you will have the insurance that will protect your investments.

What are the advantages, however, from the acquisition of SafeBuy’s NFT?

The Safebuy NFTs will be linked to a staking system, which will become active again when V2 is launched. You can mint in the NFT section of our DApp and accumulate 3 NFTs of different rarity to increase the apk, which you receive from staking.

What are the benefits in the partnership between Wolf of Tuscany and SafeBuy?

The benefits will be manifold! First of all, we manage to combine two valid Italian projects, which strive to improve the experience and safety in this sector. Furthermore, we will be able to guarantee in both parts the support of the communities and many services that the two projects offer. In practice, on 2 DApps you will be able to find everything you need to navigate these waters in an easy and safe way!

Furthermore, as Safebuy, we are developing the possibility of becoming a cross chain and therefore also having security on other blockchains in addition to the Bsc.
The partnership between Wolf of Tuscany and SafeBuy has initiated a private sale directly from the Launchpad section of Pequod. Follow the official news on the website and social channels. To learn more about the SafeBuy project, visit the website here or the official Telegram group.

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