The diary of Captain Achab. the traders of my crew

Navigation year 2022. The estimated distance from the coast of Porto del Lupo in Tuscany is 80 km.

Captain Achab here.

We slipped moorings a few days ago and raised anchor, but before sailing off I gathered a crew of reliable men, Chosen traders ready to do anything to navigate correctly in the DeFi seas.

In this diary I will take note of all my decisions, especially the most important ones.

Among the members of my crew I could not miss the Admiral, the Boatswain, the steersman, the Radarist and the Deck Officer. Scalper Trader, Swing Trader, Position Trader, News Trader and Day Trader respectively.

But what strategies did they manage to set sail on Pequod with? How do they probe the seas of trading looking for chart swings and token safe?

Types of online traders

The men I chose are trusted sailors. They hold different positions depending on the islands where the most priceless treasures and types of trading are moving.

Whales churn the sandy bottoms and my crew is always buzzing, eyes glued to maps and ears to local media radio frequencies.

Here I introduce them in my report, so as to provide inspiration for future sailors who will read my diary.

Scalper Trader

A skilled sailor who has the patience to trade in short intervals of 1 to 5 minutes. Speculation moves on small variations in candlestick charts, which need quick responses based on market

A perfect admiral, with great experience and flexibility.

Swing Trader

With his eyes on the medium term, the boatswain of swing trading is cautious. Not at the level of senior officers yet, he moves through intervals ranging from 4 to 5 days. When the trend is stable,
the swing trader can keep the position open even for weeks.

A good boatswain chooses tokens that are volatile and with a fairly high market capitalization for this strategy.

Position Trader

Even more forward-looking, the helmsman or position trader chases profits over the long term.

With his binoculars he observes daily or weekly charts, aiming profits of at least 70%.

The risk is high, involving losses up to 40%. Only the most daring and technical traders dare to undertake this strategy.

News Trader

Influenced by speculations and macroeconomic news coming from the oceans that move the tides of the market, the news trader is the radar operator on board.

Holder, Staker, Volume and speculation. This trader chases the news with ink still fresh with fast movements to reach the goal.

The news trader does not have a strategy that delivers large profits but uses the adrenaline of public opinion to move into DeFi.

Day Trader

My deck officer, also known as a day trader, is the last figure I chose to describe my crew.

He uses an 8-hour working day to be able to implement multiple strategies with open positions, for a maximum of 15 minutes.

He studies candlestick charts carefully, even for hours, with targets hovering around 3%. Few doubloons, in short, but he cares of the amount of movements to obtain them.

There are many other types of traders, as many as the strategies we are able to think of. The sea is as vast as the opportunities that offers.

Now it’s time to go and eat my ration down in the galley.

Sailing with a tailwind, we will go even further tomorrow, #ToTheSea.

Captain Achab

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