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Moby Dick, what is the Wolf of Tuscany S.r.l. project

Moby Dick is the Wolf of Tuscany’s first project entirely dedicated to the world of DeFi.

The name comes from the concept of Whale. In the crypto world, in fact, whales are the addresses of wallets that contain a huge amount of cryptocurrency or FT Token. The same whales that moves the blockchain markets gave the company WoT the inspiration it needed to create the Moby Dick project.

The company’s goal is ambitious: simplify trading on the DeFi in a single platform. Today, in order to trade, one needs a lot of platforms to monitorize market movements, staking currencies, accessing one’s wallet, operating crypto exchanges, etc.

For these reasons, Moby Dick has developed Pequod, the online trading platform that simplifies all these operations, centralising them in a single place.

Pequod, Moby Dick’s online trading platform

Pequod was launched in an initial Alpha phase for a small group of users. Over the months, the development team will gradually release all the features that make this platform the flagship of the Moby Dick project.

Staking, take profits & stop losses, charts, balance, anticipations and opportunities.

All the information for a simplified and safe trading, which can be accessed through the FT token of Wolf of Tuscany S.r.l.: MOBY.

DeFi is continuously expanding, a complex sector with more and more crypto and tokens available, as well as evolving services. Therefore, there is a need for continuous and massive study, so as not to get stuck in information.

Alongside the use of a simplifying tool such as Pequod, you need to cement your knowledge base.

Academy to learn about DeFi

Moby Dick, in addition to the development project of the Pequod trading platform and its MOBY currency, will offer a possibility to enrol in the academy to facilitate the understanding of the world of DeFi.

If you are new to online trading and don’t know anything about blockchain, you may feel unfamiliar with the terminology and approach.

The academy is a lighthouse in the middle of the sea, providing experts in the field to help you learn the basics and find your way around DeFi.

NFT, a collection dedicated to Moby Dick

The Non Fungible Tokens, which we discussed in our Non Fungible Token article, are the unique tokens that many collectors treasure in their wallets.

Moby Dick also has its own collection of NFTs. A small treasure, inspired by the seas of the Blockchain, the movements of whales and experienced traders.

Moby Dick’s NFTs, soon to be released, are a little gem designed for project holders. All created in different materials, they replicate objects such as harpoons, smart contract maps and the Pequod.

Moby Dick is an ever-expanding project and, like Decentralised Finance, aims to become a reference point in the Italian and international markets.

Discover the Moby Dick project and the Pequod online trading software.

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