Wolf of Tuscany Srl, officially released Pequod

Wolf of Tuscany Srl, as part of the Moby Dick project, launches the long-awaited Pequod platform.

This tool will become fundamental for those who own and trade cryptocurrencies and tokens, gathering all the main services to stay updated on DeFi movements in a single place.

Behind the blockchain and the world of the online trading there is an onerous and delicate study, both in terms of time and complexity of reading data. Pequod was created for the purpose of
simplifying these operations, giving you security in trading and avoiding losses thanks to the stop loss system.

In order to use the platform tools, it will be necessary to own the wot tokens, the Wolf of Tuscany coin, in your wallet.

But let’s take a close look at the news Pequod is introducing into the world of BlockChain.

Pequod, Moby Dick’s trading platform

As mentioned before, simplification of operations is the Pequod’s code word!

Now-days to enter the world of blockchain, you have to know how to make the most of a series of platforms in order to
obtain graphs and analysis.

Pequod aims to centralize all these steps in a single trading software, guaranteeing reliability and security for your wallet.

Indeed, the trader will be able to take advantage of monitoring tools on their operations, such as:

  • Graphs
  • “Safe” tokens
  • Analisys
  • Opportunities

Pequod, wallet safe from losses

What are the important news and features that Pequod put in the pipeline at the release?

  • Take Profit & Stop Loss on all FTs under the BSC (Binance Smart Chain): traders will be able to sleep tight, waking up with no bad surprise about some losses on their wallet;
  • Staking on Crypto NST: passive earnings on staking crypto currencies; Stable coin Staking: you can earn interest by freezing part of your funds;
  • Staking and Farm on MOBY tokens;
  • AI “Achab” to make your operations easier.

Soon after the first release, other tools will be implemented, such as CrossChain, Copy Trading on FT tokens and fees decrease, but we do not want to give too much away right now.

Pequod will be managed by using the $BNB for the purchase of all FT tokens under the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), but the real core of Pequod will be the MOBY tokens.

At the beginning the MOBY Tokens will be used to interact with the platform tools: each transaction made within Pequod will have a usage fee paid with MOBY tokens.

Subsequently, the swap will be introduced to all the blockchains, such as Ethereum, Cardano, Tron, Polygon, Polkastar, Ripple and others.

When will the Pequod platform be available?

Pequod is available from late December 2021 in beta version, reserved for whales. These are the holders who believed the most in the Moby Dick project and to whom will be exclusively entitled 100% of APY with the staking of their wallet. Actually They will be our first public testers of Pequod usability and tools.

All the features will be released on the platform step by step, so as to allow a more performing testing on all of them.

External users will be able to see the platform, but they will not be able to access the services already.

In about 30/40 days from the launch Pequod will be available for all the traders.

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